Now that Stratasys and Objet have merged, there is one Platinum Partner who can help you with all of your 3D printing needs.

OPS is now SYS Systems and we have moved our website to here.

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Objet Connex 350 3D Printer

Objet Connex 3D Printers

The Objet Connex family are the world’s only 3D printers capable of printing in multi-materials.

Models can be produced with a variety of material sections in up to 11 different variations on the Shore Scale. As a result, highly-lifelike prototypes can be produced in a fraction the time and cost of traditional rapid prototyping techniques.

Furthermore, multi-material prototypes can be printed at up to 30 micron resolution for astounding finish levels. If only a single material is used for printing, an industry-leading 16 micron resolution can be achieved. The result are rapid prototypes that are as lifelike as the final manufactured items, so that form, fit and function can be accurately tested.

Alternatively, models can be produced at high speed, meaning that realistic prototypes can be made available for testing in a matter of hours. Such a capability means a drastic reduction in product development times, enabling more, quicker design iterations.