Now that Stratasys and Objet have merged, there is one Platinum Partner who can help you with all of your 3D printing needs.

OPS is now SYS Systems and we have moved our website to here.

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Rubber-Like Rapid PrototypeDesign

Design a 3D component in 3D CAD and then output it as an industry-standard .stl file.

With an Objet 3D printer, simplicity and ease of use are key. There is no need to use anything but the 3D CAD software that you know and love. Once your 3D CAD design is complete, simply export it as a .stl file. The beauty of this system is that you can go from screen to print in minutes - no waiting for complex file transfers or sending sensitive files to external providers.


Multi-Material 3D Printing


The part is produced quietly and cleanly in the 3D printer and is ready within a few hours.

Objet 3D printers have been designed for convenient in-studio use. What could be handier than producing a rapid prototype on a machine situated right next to your desk? Objet machines are quiet in operation and have a low footprint. They do not involve messy or toxic chemicals, so they are ideal for any office environment.


Medical PrototypeFinish

The part is cleaned simply using tap water and hand assembled ready for testing.

Most support material can easily be peeled away by hand or using a flat knife or spatula. Then any remaining material is simply washed away with plain tap water. With an Objet 3D printer there is no need for corrosive chemicals or complex processes. Once cleaned off, simply assemble the components of the model if necessary and you have a 3D model ready for form, fit and functional testing.

Imagine how such a short process can revolutionise your design process and shorten iterations...

Still not convinced that an Objet 3D printer in-house can outperform the competition? Then challenge us to prove it.
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